What Causes Gastritis


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Find out how to help improve gastritis naturally. 

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Today we’re going to talk about gastritis. Gastritis is inflammation of the stomach. 

Symptoms of gastritis:
• Indigestion 
• Vomiting (especially yellow or green fluid) 
• Nausea 
• Low appetite 
• Abdominal pain (especially in the upper part) 
• Burning (especially at night and in between meals)

Typically, if someone has acidity, acid reflux, or heartburn, I would suggest either betaine hydrochloride or apple cider vinegar. But, I wouldn’t suggest this if you have gastritis. With gastritis, there is inflammation in the stomach, so if you add more acid, you could make it worse. 

An easy way to tell if you may have gastritis is to take apple cider vinegar or betaine hydrochloride and see if you feel worse. If you get worse, you may either have gastritis or an ulcer. If you feel better, it may have been a lack of acid causing the problem in the first place. 

Potential causes of gastritis:
• Alcohol 
• Aspirin 
• H. pylori 
• Cortisol 
• Bile 

Cortisol is activated by stress and can increase gastric acids even when there is no food in the stomach. This cortisol can then cause gastric erosion leading to inflammation and even an ulcer. 

High levels of cortisol may make cortisol less effective. Now, instead of cortisol acting as an anti-inflammatory, it can cause more inflammation. 

If there is bile regurgitating up into the stomach, you could experience inflammation and burning in the stomach. This can come from an obstruction in the bile ducts. A simple remedy is a bile salt called TUDCA. 

What you can do for gastritis (check with your doctor before applying):
• Decrease stress 
• Increase sleep 
• Take vitamin D and zinc carnosine 
• Support the adrenals 
• Do Healthy Keto and fasting 
• Use mastic gum 

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Thanks for watching! I hope this helps you better understand gastritis and how to help improve gastritis naturally.