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Hey Guys!
My name is Tanya and I’m on a new weight loss journey. I’m completely revamping my mindset and approach by bio-hacking my body. That is to say I’m using food and exercise to work in conjunction with my body to create a fat burning machine.

No longer am I fighting the same uphill battle of reducing calories and over-exercising only to roll back down even heavier.

I found that a fresh new approach to weight loss is imperative particularly for women over 40. My body has changed. My metabolism has been severely comprised.

I can no longer abuse my body like I did in my twenties by habitually under-eating and maxing out on cardio. Only to simultaneously watch the men in my life strength train, build muscle, cut back on alcohol slightly, do 10 minutes of cardio and proceed to lose a ton of weight.🤬

Don’t get angry. Get pumping.

Never did I once think, maybe I should try that! I believed what was out there – that women would get big, and become muscular if we did the same thing.

Well, I’m trying this approach now, and I feel stronger, mentally and physically. I’m grateful I can now eat more than 1100 calories per day. I’m eating almost 2000 calories daily and looking to keep increasing that number gradually.

To avoid getting overwhelmed in this journey, I decided to focus on a few key indicators. Specifically, reducing visceral fat, increasing protein, limiting carbohydrates.

Of course, I want the number on the scale to go down. Not going to lie or sugarcoat it, I am here to lose weight probably most of all. But the scale is no longer my sole measurement for success. I want to feel better. I’m loving the increased mental clarity and the brain fog that has been lifted.

Follow my journey, stay tuned and don’t forget to subscribe!

️️️Please remember I am not a doctor, nurse, nutritionist or healthcare professional. This is a recount of my journey and what I eat during a low carb diet. It is NOT weight loss or medical advice.️️️

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