What Is Autophagy

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00:00 Intro
00:54 What you need to know about autophagy
02:04 Autophagy makes you stronger
03:18 Can you get autophagy through eating?
04:45 Is autophagy the same as apoptosis?
05:35 Autophagy is pivotal for cellular repair
06:12 Autophagy Fast Training Week
06:55 The Reset Experience


Autophagy is a process that helps your cells “take out the garbage”, removing damaged cells in order to generate newer, healthier cells.
…and fasting is one of the best ways to stimulate this process.

Today, I want to dive deeper into what is exactly happening to your cells when you stimulate autophagy.

If you want to be healthy, you need to keep your cells healthy. Your cells are replicating themselves everyday. If you have sick cells, your body will replicate those sick cells. This is why it can be so hard to get out of a chronic condition. Your body just keeps making more and more sick cells.
So if you want to build a healthy body, you need to start turning your sick cells into healthy cells. There are several steps to doing that I will go over tonight on my LIVE.

For now, know that one way you can start to make your cells healthy again is to stimulate Autophagy.

In the most basic sense, Autophagy allows the strong healthy cells to run the show. The strong cells will eat the weak sick ones, so they stop replicating. Watch the video below for an really good explanation of that.

There are many ways stimulate Autophagy. Restricting your protein intake and fasting are two of the best ways. Tomorrow I will start talking more about the other ways, so stay tuned.

Fast Training Week Rules:
17 Hours of fasting
Break your fast with fats
Wait for 1 hour before you eat your first meal
50g net carbs
20g protein
60% Good fats

When to measure your blood sugar and ketones
1st when you wake up in the morning
2nd before your first meal

GKI Formula:
BG/18 =X the X/your ketone

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