What Is Diatomaceous Earth?

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In this video, Dr. Berg talks about Diatomaceous Earth. It is a prehistoric fossilized phytoplankton. Food grade non crystalline form diatomaceous earth can help clean pathogens and detox metals in the body. One of the biggest benefit of diatomaceous earth is the silica, the second most prevalent element.

Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth:
• Anti-caking agent
• Bug killer
• Detox metals
• Kills Pathogens in the body

Benefits of Silica:
• Maintaining the structure of our body
• Can make nails stronger
• Makes the hair shiny and healthy
• Fuller skin
• Ligaments/Tendons – Elasticity and flexibility
• Bone
• Aorta
• Teeth/Gums

Hey guys! So today we’re going to talk about diatomaceous earth, now some people know this product as a bug killer because when bugs consume it they die, but it’s also something that we can consume too, you do not want to inhale it by the way but taking a food grade diatomaceous earth is actually a very very safe thing and it’s very very healthy. It can actually help detox metals in the body, it can help kill pathogens, you want to make sure you get the food grade which is a non-crystalline form. It’s not heated because when you actually heat this product, it turns into a crystal and that’s not the form that you want to consume. So what is Diatomaceous Earth? It is basically prehistoric about 13 to 50 million years ago fossilized phytoplankton. Phyto meaning plan. So it’s like an algae and this phytoplankton consumes on a yearly basis 6.7 billion metric tons of silica, so it pulls in the silica and when this plankton dies it leaves the shell at the bottom of the ocean or sea bed. So in certain oceans there’s about a half a mile of this shell sitting there so you can see that these guys have been around for a very very long time and another interesting notice. 50% of the oxygen that you breathe on this planet is created by phytoplankton so the real big benefit of diatomaceous earth is the silica. And by the way it’s the second most prevalent element on this planet other than oxygen so it’s all over the place but it’s really good for maintaining the structure of our bodies, great for the nails – strong nails, if you have brittle nails you need to take some of this. Good for the hair, it makes your hair really shiny and healthy, it actually gives the skin more of a fuller look so it’s less wrinkly. As you age, you lose silica so if you’re over the age of 50 taking some of this could actually help you look more youthful. It’s great for ligaments and tendons and elasticity, flexibility. Did you realize that your bone contains more silica than calcium? It’s actually you need it for the bone, the aorta it supports the aorta which is a main vessel that emanates from the heart, it supports the teeth and gums so if you have a loose tooth this would be good to take. Make sure you do not inhale it, it’s not good for the lungs, but get a food grade, I don’t have any specific brands, find one with good reviews and take about a teaspoon a day on an empty stomach.Thanks for watching!

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