WHAT’S FOR DINNER? QUICK + EASY Keto Friendly & Dairy

In this episode I come up with a healthy, quick, and easy syrup substitute for the kids to use on. their waffles. Come with me as I scrounge in my fridge and pantry to cook a quick, dinner with the kids. I talk about how we make homemade pizzas and share some dairy free pizza ideas along with my FAVORITE KETO FRIENDLY/LOW CARB FAT HEAD pizza dough recipe. Come. cook with me and find out what’s for Dinner!

Link to Easy to make Fruit & Veggie snacks video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T2MLfmlmQL8&t=28s

Link to Noshtastic Fathead Pizza Dough Recipe – https://www.noshtastic.com/fathead-pizza/

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