Why Do I Get Exhausted After Giving Up On Carbs?

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In this video, Dr. Berg explains the reason why you feel exhausted after giving up carbohydrates. Mitochondria is where all the energy is created in the body. Biochemical pathway is chemical reaction that occur in order to process the conversion of energy from the foods. Vitamin B1 and magnesium are the co-factors of enzymes and is essential for the process of creating energy. The body needs a lot of B1 and magnesium especially if you have a history of doing high carb diets.

Essential Nutrients for Energy
• B1 in Nutritional Yeast or Natural B Complex
• Magnesium

So are you exhausted after giving up your carbs? Now, I want to explain why this is. I recently did a video talking about this but I wanted to create one video just in this one point because I think it is really really important. In your body you have something called the mitochondria. The mitochondria is where all the energy is created in your body and you have food that converts into energy. In order to do that you need all these different chemical reactions that occur, this biochemical pathway to make it really simple, you can think of it like a carburetor where you’re mixing air or oxygen with fuel at the right ratios with a spark plug to create energy or in the body it’s called ATP. The spark plug that ignites this combination right here, there’s two, there’s vitamin B1 and magnesium. These two nutrients are the co-factors for enzymes. The enzyme is what’s doing the work in the spark plug. But these two are essential to make this activated. So without these, this never sparks so you don’t get the energy. So our bodies need a lot of B1 and magnesium especially if we have a history of doing high carb diets. And then we do ketosis, we get off the carbs. We developed new machinery to actually burn fat. You actually now need also a good amount of these. So if you’re going into this without these two nutrients, you might not be able to generate the energy that you need. So simply start plugging in B1 and magnesium to this equation. You’re gonna start getting more and more energy. Another problem is when you do too much fuel like in a high carbohydrate diet, the ratio then becomes off so now we have too much fuel for the oxygen because we’re normally should have just like a little drop right in a carburetor. If there’s too much fuel, you actually flood the engine and that’s another way to be very very tired. I recommend if you’re going to take B1, also take nutritional yeast or find a natural B complex so in that way if you’re taking B1 it doesn’t eventually knock out the other factors because in nature you always want the complex. It’s okay to take B1 but if you’re taking it in a long period of time, you want to take the complex with it and make sure it’s a natural source.

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